Design a Table

This is a gift idea for all of you with a folding table lying around–you know, the one collecting dust in the basement until it becomes the “kid’s table” at Christmas dinner (or maybe it’s hiding in the corner of your dorm room for the Beer Pong Olympics). Either way, this is a creative way to turn an old table into something special. It’s simpler than it looks:

1. Make a collage to the exact dimensions of the table–if your table folds, just plan it out as two collages that will come together.

2. Send your collage to the nearest store with a lamination machine to make it water-proof/spaghetti-proof/wine-proof, etc…just check to make sure the dimensions of your collages aren’t too wide to go through the store’s machine! My collages were each 30″ x 36″, and I used Staples.

3. Attach the collage to the table (packaging tape is fine temporarily, or for a more permanent table-top, you can use wall-adhesive tape for hanging posters/photos, like Command strips).

Here’s what I used to make my “Boston College Class of 2014” table-top:

-Cardboard stencils (for letters A-Z and numbers 0-9)

-Colored poster board (for the main background)

-Colored scrapbooking card-stock paper (to make the letters/numbers)

-A HUGE stack of photos (I printed 140 at CVS for about $20!)

-The essentials: tacky glue, masking tape, and a pair of scissors that won’t hurt your hands if you use them for a while

Making the letters/numbers is easy–just trace the letters lightly in pencil onto the card-stock paper and cut them out. Then, if you want the colored border like mine, just glue the letters onto different colored card-stock paper and cut around them to make the border.

This is just a drawing I added–it’s just brown card-stock, Sharpie marker, and white/yellow card-stock for the face and claws.

Good luck and happy collaging!


2 responses to “Design a Table

  1. I love your blog..such a unique presents to give people! This table is my favorite though, it’s so cool, I’m definitely going to do this:)

  2. Kristie! Congrats on this awesome blog. I absolutely love the table (of course) and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!! :)

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