Gift Box Card

My best childhood friend always used to make me these cards back in elementary school and they’re still my favorite way to say “Happy Birthday,” although they work for any occasion.

I tried to write a simple tutorial, but I realized the easiest way to show you how to make them is to tell you the secret behind the magic: the Klutz Handmade Card Kit. I don’t usually use kits, but this one has lasted me since the third grade and it was worth every last penny in the piggy bank. It comes with a bunch of templates for cutting out paper into creative cards like this one, along with some fun card stock paper (the paper you see here is from my own stash). There are plenty of cute ideas, but this box is my favorite by far…see how it opens up? Love it.

My favorite part is that it’s an actual box–perfect for a piece of chocolate, a pair of earrings, etc. It’s cheap, easy to do, and it shows your friends/family that you actually put in the effort to avoid that last-minute dash to the convenient store for a Hallmark Happy Birthday (no offense, Dad, we love you anyway).

I hope this inspires some of you to carry on the tradition my friend started back in the good old days (when Arts & Crafts was a class). Good luck and happy card-making!


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