Crayon Melt Painting

You might be familiar with the ever-growing DIY frenzy over crayon melting…well, I have to say I’ve been dying to try it out. With my friend’s birthday coming up, I had the perfect opportunity to make one, and I absolutely love how it came out!

All you need is a canvas, hot glue, a hair dryers, and crayons (I fished out our old box of crayons from when we were kids…it made the whole room smell like Crayola & childhood).

What to do:

1. Arrange your crayons in the order you’d like, lining them up next to the canvas so you can plan how many you need. Don’t worry if the crayons are used or old–anything works!

2. Glue the crayons on–I only put a line of hot glue down about half the crayon, and they stuck on just fine.

3. Lay down some newspaper on a flat surface–the wax WILL splatter a little! I even threw on an old t-shirt, just in case.

4. Turn on the hair dryer, and let the heat work its magic! It’ll take about 5 minutes or so to get the crayons to drip, but once they get going, it’s easy. Just stop whenever you like the way it looks!


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