My BlogHer ’12 Bucket List

Well, I’m officially on the bus to NYC–BlogHer 2012, here I come! I’m a BlogHer newbie, and the whole experience seems pretty overwhelming, so I thought I’d set a few goals to have a little method to the madness this weekend…

My BlogHer ’12 Bucket List:

1. Make new friends in the blogosphere!

I’m so excited to meet other bloggers and hear their stories…I’m always looking for new blogs to follow (if you have one, leave a comment below with a link and I’ll check it out!)

2. ‘Let my hair down’ at a BlogHer party

From the fashion show, to an open mic night, to CheeseburgHer (whatever that is), there is bound to be fun at night! Can’t wait to take it all in (and hopefully tear up the dance floor…who’s with me?)

3. Remember to hand out business cards

I just made my first business card for the conference–exciting! I’m not used to handing a business card to people I meet, but here’s what I came up with…

4. Decide whether or not self-hosted blogging is right for me

Making the big switch to self-hosting has always intimidated me, but I’m hoping to learn a lot about different platforms and figure out what’s next for Miss Kris Kringle!

5. Go to at least 10 sponsor booths in the expo hall

I don’t know how people manage to make it to the expo hall between all the amazing speakers and sessions, but I’m making it my goal to explore! (and maybe score some sweet swag, who knows?)

Okay, time to check in and get this party started! Let the blogging craziness begin :)



3 responses to “My BlogHer ’12 Bucket List

  1. It was great to meet you Kris. How did you do on your Bucket list? Hope you had fun. Good luck with the redesign – love the gift ideas I just checked out. Best, Jodie

    • It was so great to meet you too! Thankfully, I did everything I set out to do (really need to write a post-BlogHer post…) I especially loved the geek bar sessions like the one we went to–I’m so inspired by blogs like yours! Lots more gift ideas to come, and keep up the amazing Pinterest boards! I’m trying to resist pinning every single one of your crafts to my board: ‘for the tiny tots’…

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