No-Sew Silk Shirt

I’m a big believer in DIY fashion (especially when it doesn’t involve a sewing machine). So if you’re looking to make a unique gift for a girlfriend, try your hand at making her a “designer” shirt like this one—it’s thoughtful, inexpensive, and no one else can buy it in stores! Oh, and did I mention all you need is two safety pins? I know. Amazing. Now get to it and do it yourself!

This look was made for under $10, and you only need three things to make this look your own:

1. Go to the nearest second-hand store and look around! There are more hidden treasures than you’d think. (Look out for my future blog post: “Salvation Army Secrets: How to Shop at Secondhand Stores”). I found a silky black shirt with lace on the front, along with this silvery square-shaped scarf:

2. I thought the lace shirt would look better as a back than a front, so I flipped it around and pinned it together to be a little more fitted:

3. I pinned the scarf to the top of the shirt, making a flowy front (I only used two safety pins–one for each shoulder, like in the picture below. Just turn the shirt inside out, and you’re good to go!)

4. For the last touch, I used a silver necklace I had as a belt (as seen in the first photo at the top of the post). You can wear the necklace normally, too–whatever suits your style!

Whatever you do, have fun with it–don’t be afraid to get creative, and don’t worry about the sewing machine! I’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to leave a comment and post a pic of your own fashionable gift :)


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