Sevilla 2012: My Study Abroad Bucket List

There is exactly ONE MONTH left until I’m leaving for my fall semester in Sevilla! So, instead of making a packing list like I probably should, I spent some time putting together this list of things I would really love to do while I’m there :) Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1. Visit my relatives who live in my great-grandfather’s house in Asturias, Spain! They live in Arlos, a tiny farming village with only 400 people. This is a picture of the Arlos countryside:

Arlos, Asturias Spain

2. Do 75 things on this list of things to do in Sevilla:

3. Go to a tapas bar and order the waiter’s favorites

4. Learn how to cook my host family’s favorite dish

5. Send a postcard home to my parents from every major city I visit

6. Befriend local Spanish students and see what life is like as a 20-yr-old in Sevilla

7. Get up and dance at a restaurant

8. Ride a camel

9. Visit Italy, England, France, Germany, and Morocco

10. Keep a journal and write down 5 things I learned each day

11. Leave letters around Sevilla for my roommate at BC to find (she’s studying there in the spring!)

12. Watch a movie without any English/Spanish subtitles…and actually understand what’s going on

13. Take lots pictures with my host family and make a scrapbook for them to keep :)

14. Become fluent enough to understand the jokes!

15. Fall in love…with the people, the places, the food, and the music of Sevilla!


3 responses to “Sevilla 2012: My Study Abroad Bucket List

  1. What a great list! I’m sure you will have an amazing trip. I just finished my third semester studying abroad (the first one was in Spain). My one advice to you is – while it will be tempting to travel far and wide, make sure you don’t neglect Spain. It is an amazing and diverse country… and I was so glad I had the time to travel around and see a lot of it. Northern Spain in particular is nothing at all like what I’d heard about Spain. Mountains and green hills and the best food in the country. Whatever you do, don’t miss San Sebastian (best food in the world accordingt o many top chefs! And a beautiful beach.) I hope to see your next posts from Sevilla!

    • Wow that’s such great advice! Thank you so much :) I’ll make sure not to neglect northern Spain (I’ve been to the countryside north of Oviedo, but never to San Sebastian! I can’t wait to try the food…) I’m always looking for travel advice, and study abroad tips in general. Feel free to email me anytime, I’d love to swap stories! (

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